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"You can use a microwave steaming tray with water in the bottom, or simply add your vegetables and a small amount of water to a microwave-safe bowl and cover with microwave-safe plastic wrap, leaving one corner open to allow air to escape. – Whitney Linsen"
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Microwave Bacon Cooker - The Original Makin Bacon Microwave Bacon Tray - Reduces Fat up to 35% for a Healthy Breakfast- Make Crispy Bacon in Minutes. Made in the USA. Ships from Wisconsin

About Makin Bacon Microwave Tray

Meta score: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

Our meta rating: Makin Bacon Microwave Tray is an excellent microwave tray. When we performed the testing of the Makin Bacon Microwave Tray we were blown away with how good it really is. The Makin Bacon Microwave Tray is manufactured and sold by a company called MAKIN BACON but Amazon are responsible for the shipping and delivery "Fulfilled by Amazon" so Amazon will ship the item from a warehouse near you. This means added safety and faster delivery times for you, so we think that is good.

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Specification for Makin Bacon Microwave Tray

  • Cooks bacon perfectly in minutes in the air - above the fat, not in it
  • Just 1 minute per slice
  • Microwave use only
  • Reduces fat up to 35%
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Convenient tray catches fat which can be used later for frying
  • Easy clean up - no fat splashes in microwave
  • Made in USA with specially formulated high heat plastic
  • Cooks bacon in the air and not in the fat. Up to 35% reduction in fat intake
  • Capture the fat in the tray -NOT on the bacon
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy clean up - no fat splashes in microwave
  • Made in USA with specially formulated high heat plastic

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Great product that delivers what is expected. It's slightly expensive for what you get, but it works. It takes about 6 minutes in the microwave for a pound of bacon to cook to the crispiest stage. I use it on my desktop inbetween breaks to cook a couple pieces of bacon. I have noticed a lot of grease has been leaving the bacon "tenderloin" and I expect this will reduce the fat load as well. I'm still playing with the time as to when to use it, but I'm confident it will prove useful. Love this. Check out Makin Bacon Microwave Tray at Amazon now

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ NOT for small microwaves. Still a decent option, though bacon doesn't taste as good.
Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2017 by Heidi M.

"I purchased this in June of 2015 and definitely got the real deal. If you get one of the counterfeit, melt-prone ones that are apparently getting sent out are, make sure to send it back! I have tested this thing thoroughly in 5 (!) different microwaves and cannot imagine it melting. The entire construction is of very sturdy plastic, including the arms. I have made a HECK of a lot of bacon in this thing, as well as in a pan on the stove top. I'll tell you flat-out: FRIED BACON TASTES BETTER. There's no competition there. In a blind taste test, bacon that's been cooked the REAL way is going to win out every single time. That being said, about 60% of the time when one of us is making breakfast, convenience wins out over the taste factor. Because even if it doesn't taste AS good, it's still bacon, it's significantly better than (even real) bacon bits, and this means bacon can happen when otherwise bacon would be too much work. For cleaning, I actually just drain the bacon grease (save it for later!) and then wipe down everything with a paper towel. I then store it inside a gallon-size ziplock bag to keep everything clean and all together. The only major caveat is if you have a small microwave, then this bacon maker might not be the one for you. When we moved into an RV, I popped this in the microwave and soon found I had to choose between partially raw or partially burnt bacon. The top of the rack - where the middle of the strips are - don't get cooked fast enough. Adding more time made the tips of the bacon - which were closest to the tray - overcook into dry, hardened, unappetizing bricks. I got desperate enough I even tried removing the bacon from the rack partially though and microwaving it the rest of the time in the tray. No good. Finally I tried a different microwave bacon cooking device, one designed simply like a plastic grill pan for the microwave. And now I've got awesome microwave bacon again! I'm sure this thing will last for years to come. Now that we have an unsuitable microwave for it, I plan to gift it to a friend or family member. One friend purchased it within minutes of seeing it work and tasting the results. Like I said, a totally decent product! Just be aware of its taste limitations and have a big enough microwave."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ are superior. One minute per slice gives us the perfect ...
Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2018 by Deb Rebisz

"Probably the easiest 5-star review I've ever written. Everything promised in the ad is delivered. I've purchased microwave bacon racks in the past with OK results. The results from this one, however, are superior. One minute per slice gives us the perfect crisp bacon we love. I searched for 5 minutes for instructions on using it on and in the box only to discover they're embossed on the bottom of the cooker---duh! Wasn't sure how it would turn out so I only cooked 4 pieces the first time as a test (4 minutes). They were perfect. Cooked another 7 slices (7 minutes) and they were again perfect. I've seen some complaints here that a few folks wish the "T" stands were taller. I found that even though the bacon may be touching the bottom of the device when you first begin to cook it, the natural shrinkage bacon experiences under heat means the ends are no longer touching the bottom within a minute or two of cook start. So don't let those comments sway you. The other thing I love about this is the clean-up. Previous microwave bacon cookers I bought were a PITA to clean. Not this one. I drained the fat into the trash, ran hot water and placed it under the faucet. Every single last speck came off with just rinsing. It's dishwasher safe, but I just gave it a couple scrubs with a sponge and Dawn dish soap and there was no trace of grease left. This is the best thing I've purchased in a year. Buy it--you won't regret it! Do cover it with a paper towel while cooking as suggested or it can splatter the inside of your microwave with bacon grease. Failure to read the instructions will result in a less than happy opinion of this remarkable product. :)"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Works good for fat removal. Could be a little larger to hold 1 pack of bacon at once.
Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2015 by Rarefootbandit

"I am using this right now! A couple thoughts. It is much smaller than I thought it would be. It cannot cook a whole pack of bacon at once. I have to cook one back in two batches. You also need to cut the bacon in half (lengthwise) otherwise they will touch the bottom oil. If you do not cook the bacon all the way to crispy they seem a bit chewy unlike when you cook or roast them and they turn out soft/tender before extra crispy stage. Someone else mentioned 15min! I tested 7 minutes for almost too cooked. And 6minutes seems to be just right for me using my 1000watt microwave. I do like the fact that it does drain the oil you can just pour out."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Overall it does what it says but, you just have to play around with it at first till you get it right
Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2017 by JJOliver

"Awesome service as always. Takes a bit to get use to it and getting the cooking time right due to the face that microwaves vary in the strength they come in. I would suggest trying two pieces at first as a test till you get the right cooking time down. Also you don't want to do more than 6 pieces at a time due to the amount of grease that comes off the bacon filling the holding pan. That's just my experience though with this product and my microwave but, other buyers might not have the same issues and it works great for them. Overall it does what it says but, you just have to play around with it at first till you get it right. Glad to see that Amazon carries it!!!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Less mess, fat and odor but instructions are impossible to read
Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2020 by Sydney Cohen

"I love bacon but I really hate cooking it. It’s greasy and it totally smells my house up. I used to do it on the stovetop but recently had been either microwaving (giant mess) or cooking in the oven. The Microwave Bacon Cooker is pretty amazing. Not only does it cut down on the mess and fat content of the finished bacon but it also cuts down on the odor. Because the bacon is not frying deep in its own grease, there’s not spatter and the smell (while still bacony goodness) is not everywhere 3 hours later. It’s easy to use once you look up directions. That’s why my review is 4 and not 5 stars. The directions are in lettering on the bottom of the cooker- and it’s white on white and impossible to read. I took a sharpie and coloured the letters a bit so I could try to read them and it didn’t work well. So I read other reviews to find out how long to cook and what the hell the round disc included in the box is for. Microwave on high for 15 minutes (I stop halfway through to empty the grease) for 16 pieces of crispy bacon. The little white disc kept the t-stand pieces with the cooker while stored. This thing does a great job! Cleans easily, no staining. Love it! Just needs darker lettered instructions on the back."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Works great with 1000W microwave
Reviewed in the United States on August 28, 2020 by Frank W.

"I bought this in a hurry and didn’t bother to read the reviews. I like it so much I’m giving it a HIGH review, but as I read some of the others - it looks like some people have trouble with it melting. I have used mine twice - once with 8 pieces of bacon (7 minutes) and once with 4 pieces (3 minutes) and it works great. More below. My microwave was built in 1998 and its output is 1000 Watts (picture above). I wonder if people having melting problems have the newer 1200 Watt microwaves? Anyway - 1. Makes great bacon; 2. Easy to dispose of the grease in the trash instead of washing down the sink; 3. Take apart and put base and arms in the dishwasher for easy clean up; 4. Use storage clip to put away in a cabinet - it takes very little space in the DW and in the cabinet. I actually like the bacon cooked in this thing better than bacon cooked in the skillet. All the bacon taste with NO grease."

Best Microwave Bacon Tray

The Makin Bacon microwave tray is the best we have ever tried. Buy Makin Bacon. You will not be sorry. I have had this unit for so many years I could not even remember when I got it. I use it all the time. It means that you can easily have bacon anytime you are even remotely in the mood for it and have zero issues with cooking it or cleaning up. I believe bacon cooked on this device is much better for you too - this is because it renders more fat out of the bacon than bacon cooked on the stove. Bacon is as good if not better than bacon cooked on the stove. And with this bacon cooker you can easily cook more than one piece at a time!The only disadvantage I can see for this product is that it does take about 2 minutes longer to cook the bacon than in a frying pan.

You can easily fit about 15 strips of bacon on the tray. Get the right amount of time based on the thickness of the bacon, and you’ll have bacon that’s JUST right. I read reviews for this and a few others before I made a purchase. I definitely recommend putting more than one paper towel on top of the bacon pile to control splatter (a cover would be awesome!) and the amount of cook time is dependant on the bacon type (thick or thin), how many pieces you are cooking and how you like it cooked. I have even found that it’s better to cook than flat bacon cookers because the grease is trapped in the crevices of the bacon and not in the oil.

Original Microwave Bacon Tray

This is the original microwave tray for cooking bacon, do not settle for a cheap copy. Cook bacon with the ridges up until they touch the bottom, remove, dump grease and rinse. Get crispy the way you like it, serve it hot or store it in a ziplock bag and when needed cook it or throw it in the dishwasher. I eat a lot of bacon, but I also love bacon wrap and bacon chips. This product is very easy to use and really makes crispy bacon. I have used this product for years. I needed a new one and got this again. Works great! Price was great too compared to other microwave bacon cookers. Like others, we cook one/two pieces at a time. This one cooks faster because it cooks less piece at a time.

The design of the bars that lets you hang the bacon instead of laying them flat is ingenious. Great product that makes cooking bacon easy and lowers the fat because the strips are vertical and the fat drips off. I bought Mak'n Bacon years ago. Recently, my sister and mother-in-law were at my house when I was making bacon and noticed how crisp and greaseless the bacon was. I showed them what I was using and they both wanted one. I was glad to be able to find it on Amazon because I have not seen it in any stores for quite sometime. Love this product. Was hard to find. You only have to use one paper towel to cover splatter & grease is easy to pour out.

Convenient Microwave Bacon Tray

The bacon tray is very convenient to use and the function of the drip tray works great. excellent product Amazing product. I can't believe I used to do this without it. Cooks bacon better than any other way. Bacon is sooo much better for you too. I have been using this product for years and have been well pleased with its performance and durability. this unit was purchased for my mother-in-law who is visiting from china. overall a very fine product that delivers what is expected. awesome product. My husband and I used it once and we were convinced that there is no longer any other way to cook bacon but using this! Fat drips and doesnt get the strips soaked in its're able to cook more bacon strips at one time.

It cooks bacon perfectly and perfectly, and you will too. I remember seeing this young lady on T. V. years ago when she & her father first presented it. When I saw her product at Amazon I had to try it. Works Great. I hope she making millions! Bought for her dad - he had it years ago and he bought a similar product - and he too was thrilled to have this product back in his life - especially since he sees so much of it everyday. He recommends it highly and is happy that he was able to locate it for him.

Makin Bacon Microwave Tray In Conclusion

It cooks great bacon in the microwave and the grease is easily poured out for disposal. I have never tried to cook more than 4 slices of bacon at once with the Makin' Bacon. One can easily cook it and keep it at a minimum of 12 slices. The slices hang over the T shaped racks, and without fail, the bacon cooks until it is al dente. The slices are then grease splashed away in the pan. I use the paper towels I used to cover the bacon to keep the splatter to a minimum. And, of course, I wipe out the microwave with a warm water and wipe with a paper towel before cleaning it. I have seen the infomercials of this product years ago. My wife love it.

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